<< EtherCAT Examples <<

To get first hand on experience with EtherCAT we offer a number of EtherCAT slave examples for download.  These versions are download  files for different embedded platforms and embedded or PC operating systems.

The evaluation packages contain the application source code and the EtherCAT Slave Framework as object library. The provided download demo archives contain the binary file, respective the binary executable, the Electronic Data Sheet (XML) and a detailed documentation describing installation and test of the example application.

Examples containing Source Code for evaluating the EtherCAT API

Microchip EVB-LAN9252-HBI eval board

The provided example is an EtherCAT CoE slave example which acts as an UART-EtherCAT gateway. It includes a binary version of the emotas EtherCAT Slave Framework and uses the Beckhoff Slave Stack Code.
It is available for download and runs on a Microchip EVB-LAN9252-HBI eval board. A Step-by-Step guide is included to illustrate how to use the example together with the emotas EtherCAT DeviceDesigner and the Beckhoff EtherCAT Slave Stack (SSC V5.10 or higher).
In addition to the necessary objects of the communication segment the example contains two objects which interacts as UART input and output. One object mapped as TxPDO and one as RxPDO. You can simply transmit and receive values via a terminal program to and from the the Microchip EVB-LAN9252-HBI board. All values entered are sent via TxPDO. A change of the RxPDO transmits the received value via UART.


Infineon XMC4800 Relax Kit

This example requires the Beckhoff EtherCAT Slave Code, which has to be downloaded separately from Beckhoff. The ZIP file contains a detailed Readme and the emotas’ EtherCAT DeviceDesigner and a small application project(Dave4) that controls the LEDs via EtherCAT CoE. Both TwinCAT and our etherCAT DeviceExplorer can be used to communicate with the example.

Binary executables

These Examples are provided as is in Hex or Elf format. They can be downloaded or flashed to the target system.

Infineon XMC4800 Relax Kit

This ZIP file XMC_4800_EtherCAT_Example.zip contains the hex-file and the ESI-XML file for this example. The hex file can be downloaded by the XMC Flasher directly to the target board.



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