<< Licenses for Tools <<

Licenses for PC Tools

There are various license models for our PC tools for Windows or Linux. Below you can find a summary of the variants but only the included license text is binding. Each license is valid for any supported operating system as long as technically possible. The most limiting factor is the availability of CAN interface drivers for the various operating systems.

Named User License

A Named User License is valid for a named individual. This individual is allowed to use the tool on any PC. The name of the individual is always visible in the status bar of the tools. The license is perpetual for the licensed version of the tool.

In justified individual cases it is possible to transfer the named user license to another individual for a fee. Please contact our sales team for details.

A named user license of a CANopen-, EtherCAT or J1939 DeviceDesigners is included with the project licenses of our stacks or frameworks.

Node-Locked License

A node locked license is only valid for a single computer and it is tied to its MAC address. The tool may be used by multiple users of the licensee (company, organization) at this single computer. A usage within virtual machines is not allowed, but access to this computer using a remote desktop connection is allowed.

Floating dongle License

A floating-dongle license is delivered with an USB dongle. The license can be used with by anybody (employee of the licensee) on any machine together with this USB dongle. The price of a floating license is 30% higher than the other licenses. The floating license may be used inside of virtual machines and via remote desktop connections.

Site License

A site license of a tool is valid for a defined development site of a company. This site is defined by a unique address. Users that are assigned permanently to a specific site may also use the tool when working from home or on temporary business trips.
Such a site license usually costs 10 times the price of a Named-User license. Please contact our sales team for detailed information.

Corporate License

A Corporate license may be used by all employees of a company including all subsidiaries which are owned by the licensee with more than 50% of the shares.
Please contact our sales team for detailed information.

Other license models

Please contact our sales team if these licenses models do not meet your requirements to discuss individual solutions.
With an individual agreement we can provide buy-out licenses of our tools that may be forwarded to 3rd parties. These buy-out licenses are usually tied to a certain characteristic of the licensee. For CANopen it could be that there always needs to be at least 1 single device in the network, which is manufactured by the licensee and the tool will check the CANopen-Vendor-ID. For J1939 tools could be locked to a SAE manufacturer ID. Anyway, these conditions can only be discussed individually. On the other end of the range there are also time-limited licenses of our tools for start-ups available.

A floating-dongle license of a CANopen-, EtherCAT or J1939 DeviceDesigners is included with the site licenses of our stacks or frameworks.  |||||


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